The Witness Tree Liturgy Purchase Dog Tags Here Liturgy for Worship
Click Here for a Presentation by by Rev. Mark Roeder

The Veteran Ministry Network of the Heartland Conference offers several resources for your consideration as we near Veterans Day. The first is an 11-day remembrance of those who have completed suicide. It is called The Daily Liturgy of the Witness Tree. This simple liturgy includes hanging 22 dog tags per day on a tree outside of your church, beginning November 1st through November 11th. The 22 tags remind us of veterans who have completed suicide or as is sometimes called “killed after action.” This remembrance has been shown to be of great benefit to families who have lost a family member in this way. Information about how to do the witness tree liturgy and where to get dog tags can be found by clicking the buttons above. For further information contact Rev. John Schluep at

The first conversation inviting churches to consider a ministry to veterans carrying moral injury happened on May 11th via zoom at 7 p.m. Rev. Dr. John Schluep, retired Army chaplain and former Sr. Pastor at First Congregational Church and founder of Warrior’s Journey Home is our lead. For more information, contact John at

How can congregations engage in a vital ministry with veterans?  This presentation by Rev. Mark Roeder (retired US Army Chaplain, Col.) entitled “More Than Thank-You” outlines the wisdom from Coming Home, Ministry that Matters with Veterans and Military Families  Zachary Moon.  For more information and support contact Rev. Roeder at