You Can Support Templed Hills in Many Ways

Operational Expenses: Camp 2.0

Camp 2.0 launched in 2020 to help offset costs from reduced attendance due to the pandemic. We continue to live in an uncertain time for in-person gatherings and have had fluctuations in camp attendance because of it. But with Camp 2.0, you can help us cover the ongoing costs of camp that we incur whether we have hundreds of campers or dozens of campers. Your donation keeps our facilities clean and repaired, our programs supplied, and our necessary staff employed.

You may also mail a donation  to the conference office: Heartland Conference, PO Box 1230, Worthington, OH 43085.

Time & Talent

At Templed Hills, we thrive when you help us to clear debris, make minor repairs to the buildings and structures, and volunteer to share your talents and lead camp. Want to pitch in camp? Contact Miranda Lacefield, Administrative Coordinator for Templed Hills Camp and Conference Center if you’d like to come out and do a work project, tour the facility, or other site specific need. Email her at or call 1-800-282-0740 ext. 4 or call/text direct line 419-741-4695.