November 22, 2022

A Message From Rev. Carl Robinson
Once again we in America are struck by meaningless violence in the form of a mass shooting, this time an attack on a LGBTQ bar in Colorado Springs. Five lives were lost and some 18 were injured physically in the attack.

The real damage involves many more lives, however. In the case of the attack at the Club Q, the impact on the LBGTQ communities is tragic. One person I talked to said that LBGTQ persons frequent clubs where they feel safe and welcome. There are no stares, no ignorance, and no judgment. The club is a safe environment for them to have fun and be a community.

Hate undoes that feeling of safety and affirmation. It tears apart the fabric that binds even those close communities, where every person now has to keep watch, be vigilant, keep their heads on a spindle, and not trust. It must be a frightening and devastating way to live, to never feel genuinely safe.

It is time for all people who follow Jesus to stand up and state our love for, and support of, people of every type, ilk, kind, clan, color, relationship status, size, shape, ability, mental and emotional state. Right now, our LBGTQIA+ siblings are suffering and struggling. Let them know that they can lean on those who follow Jesus.

Grants Available For Your Church Through SONKA
Last week, we awarded more than $3,600 in grants to various churches in SONKA through the Charch & Hale Memorial Fund of The Dayton Foundation. Those grants depleted our latest round of funds for evangelical outreach projects and musical instrument/capital improvement expenses.

We still have grant money left to help pay for continuing education and professional advancement.

It’s easy to apply. There is no form. Just send us an email outlining the program/purpose it would cover and an estimate of the cost. Send the email to Governance Council moderator Joe Kay at

We’ll consider the requests at our monthly Governance Council meetings. The next one is Tuesday, Dec. 20.

Harmony Creek Church – Choir Worship Team Director
See the job posting here.

Make A Difference Grants Available
Learn more here.

SONKA Lay School Restarting in March 2023
The SONKA Lay School Board has been busy refreshing the Lay School Program. Classes will be held via Zoom. We are currently recruiting students. The 2023 Spring Semester will begin in March. Specific dates of instruction will be announced after the first of the year.

The classes offered will be:

Christian Systematic Theology taught by Rev. Scott Griswold

History and Polity taught by Rev. Ruth Hopkins – Please note that this course is also opened to those persons who require it for standing.

New students must be accepted into the program.

For registration forms and information, check out SONKA Lay School under the Ministries tab on the SONKA web page.

If you have any questions about the SONKA Lay School, feel free to contact our Board members: Jim Oates, chair; Marti Godby, Pat Kern, Jean Oberhelman, and Carl Robinson, ex officio.

Cultivating Generous Stewardship
How do we nurture a spirit of generous sharing in our congregations? Can we do a better job of encouraging people to share not only their resources but their time and their talents? What are some ways we can create opportunities for them to use their unique gifts generously?

We have an opening on our stewardship ministry team for anyone who wants to help create and share ideas and materials for how we cultivate generous sharing among not only our congregations but our churches as well. Our ministry teams meet once a month on Zoom for 90 minutes.

If you’re interested, contact Governance Council moderator Joe Kay ( or Association Minister Carl Robinson (

2022 Remittance Form
Please see the updated remittance form for 2022 here.

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