February 25 & 26, 2022 Faith Formation Conference

Theme: “Share It – Our Participation in God’s Love Story”

Keynote Speaker: Rev. Rebecca Anderson, co-pastor of Gilead Church Chicago and trained storyteller.

The Heartland Conference Faith Formation network connects, equips, educates, and inspires faith formation leaders in their work of nurturing disciples of Jesus Christ utilizing a framework called “Learn It, Live It, Share It!” Interested in learning more about the Faith Formation Network and how you can get involved? Contact the Conference Office at office@heartlanducc.org.

What is Learn It, Live It, Share It?

Learn it, Live It, Share It… is a dynamic and interactive approach to Christian faith formation developed in the Ohio Conference that engages the sacred texts of the Bible in their beauty and depth, calls forth a living out of God’s love, and invites others into the shared journey of discovery and discipleship. This transformational model is adaptable to many settings. It can change your life! Training for implementing this model is available throughout the year and is announced through the monthly Heartland Conference eNews and the weekly Fast Five (click here to sign up).

An Annual two-day February Faith Formation Conference features nationally known speakers who inspire the work of Faith Formation in the Learn It, Live It, Share It! model.

Within the Heartland Conference we meet monthly to share resources with one another. Our meetings are held on the 3rd Monday at 7 pm ET and the 3rd Wednesday at 1 pm ET of each month. You can sign up to receive our email newsletters (click here to do so) in which we include links for these monthly meetings. You can also contact the Heartland Conference office (office@heartland.org) for meeting links.

Curriculum Resources

The best peer-reviewed faith formation curriculum resource listing available is that of the Association of United Church Educators (AUCE). Whether it is Faith Formation in the season of COVID 19 or anti-racism or in the family or youth ministry or just about anything else you might be looking for, this well-organized listing with links is a great place to start. Click here to find out more.

Association of United Church Educators (AUCE)

AUCE is a national voice that advocates for excellence in faith formation and education ministries in the United Church of Christ for people of all ages. As a network of collegiality and partnership it helps to broaden the scope and depth of faith formation and education ministries in the local, regional, and national settings of the United Church of Christ. AUCE is also organized regionally and you can find the Great Lakes Association of United Church Educators (GLAUCE) on their site as well, a group many faith formation folks in our Conference are connected with. Click here to find out more and explore membership with AUCE.