Watch to learn more about the 2024 Challenge!

Emergency Cleanup Buckets, Hygiene Kits, Period Packs, Welcome Backpacks, and School Kits… and we need your help!

Inspire your Congregation with the Bucket/Kit Challenge with this Mission Moment video! Together, our goal is to create 2,024 disaster relief buckets, hygiene kits, period packs, welcome backpacks, or school kits in 2024! To learn more about the challenge, click below to see the full packing list and instructions:

WHAT IS THE CHALLENGE? We can make the road to health, recovery, and access to education easier with CWS (Church World Service) cleanup buckets, hygiene kits, period packs, welcome backpacks, and school kits! By filling these buckets full of essential home recovery supplies and/or daily hygiene supply needs (using the shopping lists at the links above), we can help our neighbors’ dignity and recovery. 

HOW CAN WE PARTICIPATE? Anyone is welcome to participate by gathering the items to create cleanup buckets, hygiene kits, period packs, welcome backpacks, and school kits from the links listed here. Whether you’re an individual or a team, we want to celebrate you as you collect and drop off your buckets and kits! Send us photos for our social media at 

There are $250 matching grants available from the UCC’s Disaster Ministries to offset costs. Apply here.


For years, the Heartland Conference has provided a remarkable presence of leadership as disasters of various kinds have affected folks in our conference geography and beyond.  We are currently in a season of re-forming this network with a plan to also partner with the Christian Church, Disciples of Christ for long term recovery work. Here are just some of the areas we are hoping to address:

If you have a passion for partnering with others to help us in our readiness to respond, we’d love to hear from you! To find out more, contact our Conference Disaster Response Coordinator, Kevin Gehres at


Who? Pastors, Chaplains, & Spiritual Leaders…mark your calendars!

What? Disaster Response Teams of the Heartland Conference (UCC) and The Christian Church in Ohio (DOC) sponsored Emotional & Spiritual Care training for the first 30 registrants.

When? August 14 & 15, beginning (Tues) 10:30am and concluding (Weds) 3:00pm

Where? Templed Hills Camp & Conference center in Memorial Hall.

Why? “This training will benefit clergy, chaplains, & spiritual leaders, experienced in providing Spiritual & Emotional congregational care.” 

How? Training and materials are being presented by Rev. Fred Meade, National UCC Spiritual & Emotional Care Team trainer. 

Because? Because it’s an awesome opportunity to hone your skills, it’s inexpensive, you get to enjoy our beautiful Templed Hills at least one more time, but more importantly…we need to increase our understanding of disaster response…as tornados, flooding, and environmental disasters are becoming more prevalent! Do…Not…Miss…This…Opportunity.