The United Church of Christ describes creation justice as “a process of discernment on how to best care for God’s creation.”

As the problem of human-driven climate change continues to worsen, so does the suffering of many people throughout the world. Ugandan Farmers threatened with starvation need more rain for their crops. Millions in Pakistan are left homeless from flooding. Sea level rise and saltwater incursion threatens low-lying, coastal areas. 

Environmental degradation comes not only in the form of global warming but in changing evaporation and rainfall cycles, ocean acidification, habitat loss, species extinction and chemical and atmospheric pollution.

Creation justice seeks to connect these human problems to human causes, to recognize that they threaten not only people but other animals, plants and fungi and to work towards building the  peaceful, equitable and abundant world that God intended for all Creation.

Ideas to Engage:

  • Environmental themes in sermons
  • Pollinator gardens 
  • Energy audits and energy efficiency
  • Zero waste initiatives 
  • Community outreach
  • Letters to elected representatives (lobbying)
  • Writing op-ed pieces and letters to newspaper editors
  • Community clean-up days
  • Sustainable lawn care
  • Improving sustainability in transportation practice

… and more!

UCC’s Heartland Conference Creation Care Network (CCN) seeks to:

Inspire others to learn, to understand and to discern God’s call to appreciate and care for our shared Creation Commons, and to respond to this call by working through local congregations and communities to raise awareness, learn to live sustainably and teach our children well;

Connect persons, groups and organizations with CCN and with each other in order to build a cohesive, focused and influential network of individuals dedicated to building a peaceful, equitable and abundant world that God intended for all creation;  

Equip others with the information, tools and skills needed to take effective action and drive positive change, and;

Support those efforts with programs, educational opportunities and workshops on an ongoing basis.

Get Connected! Interested in learning more about the Heartland Conference Creation Care Network?  The Creation Care network typically meets monthly via zoom. 
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Click Here for the Creation Care Workshop Slides from the 2022 Annual Gathering