When a congregation finds itself in a time of transition because of the departure of their minister, an interim minister can provide needed help and guidance. A group of Interim Ministers from the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and United Church of Christ (Led by the Interim Ministry Working Group [IMWG])] provides valuable resources, training and support of interim ministry and those interested in interim ministry in order to create vital congregational life.

For more information about support and resources for interim ministry in the Heartland Conference, click here.

For questions and requests for additional information, please contact Rev. Nayiri Karjian at nayiri.agm@livingwaterone.org


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The ARDA also offers in-depth guides that focus on a specific aspect of a community, like housing, education, or income. These guides offer more detailed directions for exploring all of the data the ARDA has on a specific aspect of community life.

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